Friday, November 13, 2015

October Happenings and News!!

I am the worst at keeping in touch. I am also horrible at keeping a constant blog going. I have a lot going on right now, but i think I come with every excuse in the world so I don't post on this blog. I am trying.. failing miserably, but trying.

In the beginning of October we had General Conference. We do not have cable so we pulled it up on our phone and plugged that into a IPod speaker and listened/watched it off of Trevor's phone. Both Saturday and Sunday's sessions. It was so good. I got so much out of it.

On October 24th, Hyrum turned 2! I still cannot believe it. He is growing up was too fast. We were able to have Trevor home for most of the day. (he was over with our nieces and nephews that morning waiting for their dad and mom to get home from a concert the previous day in the valley.. we babysat them all Friday to saturday) Once Trevor got home, we played around the house for a couple hours and then we headed out to a pumpkin patch here in Thatcher. It was about 10 minutes away from where we live and when we got there, there was no other people there. It was a smaller pumkin patch that our kids were able to walk around by themself and pick out their own pumpkins. We let them each pick out a pumpkin and before we were able to check out the lady who owned the pumpkin patch said that Hyrum was small enough that he would be able to pick out a small one to have for free. So when we headed home we had 3 pumpkins that we only bought two and paid $3.25! Such an awesome price for 10 pounds worth of pumkin. On the way home we bought pizza (one of hyrum's favorite foods.. besides french fries and burgers or spaghetti) and then invited chauncy and shar and their family over to eat some cake and ice cream. The kids all ran around and played in our house for about an hour and then they all headed home. We played hide and go seek for another hour or so and then we put kids down to bed after a bath, milk, scriptures and prayers. It was a great day and I sure hyrum wont rememeber a thing about it. haha.

Trevor was offered a job to work PRN (as needed) at the hospital in Med. Surge starting training the Monday before Thanksgiving. We are so excited and hope that it will be a great source of another income and work experience for Trevor's future career. My parents also have asked that I start answering phones again for my dad's plumbing business as they will be out of town a couple times and my mom is too busy to answer phones while running her long arm quilting machine/business. I dont know her name of her business but I will hopefully be able to tell that once i know. I also have been cutting out fabric (cordura and pack cloth) for David Bosen (my sisters awesome husband) He has a side business that he has had since before I can remember and he is always at his career and doesnt have the time to cut out the fabric for the projects he does. He owns Coyote Tactical and is very talented with the stuff he makes. Currently i just finished cutting out pieces for him to make 30 tool bags for a gun. (from what I understood, I may be wrong, it is a machine gun that hooks into a seat in a hum-v and the tool bag will hold all the tools to repair the gun and the instruction manual)

Also, I found I am pregnant again in October. Currently I am 9 weeks 5 days along. It was kinda a big surprise to find out I was pregnant. I was hoping that Trevor could get through a couple semesters of Nursing School before we got pregnant again but I guess it was just the right time for us. Once we found out I am pregnant, I had several nights of dreams about being pregnant with twins. Thenone night we were watching the tv show "Once Upon a Time" on Netflix and Trevor had a Dejavu moment where he rememebered a dream that he had of us talking about our pregnancy of twins when a certain scene came on the screan. Since then we has had 3 or 4 more of those Dejavu moments while we are watching new episodes of that same show. I have had twins on my mind constantly since I found out I was pregnant and I cant seem to move on about that. We have out first doctors appointment  in 6 days and are super excited to hear a baby/s heartbeat. We are finally coming to the conclusion that if it is one baby then we are super happy, but ig it is two babies then we are super super happy. We will have to trade our car in for a bigger car if it is twins and buy a new bed for Hyrum and a new infant car seat but we will make it work. We are excited and happy either way.

A week ago we were also able to go take some family pictures with my sister-in-law shar. Both Trevor and I have been wanting to take some family pictures in the bloomed cotton fields since we moved down here and we finally had an opportune time to go and get them done. I think they turned out so cute and I cant wait to probably do it again next year with our new addition/s!!

We also hate halloween so we decided to skip this year. We stayed home and ate spaghetti in jack-o-lanthern cut out bell peppers. It was a fun way to celebrate without having to waste money on costumes for one night and candy for the whole town at the ward trunk-or-treat. It was a good choice and fun to stay home as a family.

We are now in the middle of November and getting close to having Thanksgiving in Snowflake with all of the Russell family. It will be a fun time and we are excited to be able to tell the family about if we are having twins or not. Since I still have this feeling that this pregnancy feels so much different and I swear is twins.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures from our photo shoot.

I dont want to put out to many pictures in case I use some on our Christmas card this year. I hope you are having a great November so far and enjoy your family and friends as the holidays get closer.

Love to all,
Trevor, Kim, Olivia, Hyrum and Baby/s Due June 2016!!

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